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How much will this cost ballpark?

Recnetly ive noticed that my car needs new brakes. When I brake going over 50mph my car starts to shake. Is that my rotors? If so how much would new brakes rotars, oil change, tire rotation and alighnment cost me ballpark??How much will this cost ballpark?
What you are describing is called variations from parallel or in simple terms a warped rotor. If the rotor has sufficient material left, it can be resurfaced and reused. This is part of a normal brake service. Typical charge for this service is around $125.00 for both fronts or both rear brakes. If they require replacing, typical cost is about $70.00 per rotor. Oil change $30.00, Tire rotation is usually complimentary with getting the brakes done. Most shops charge about $69.00 for a alignment. The shaking of the steering wheel will stop after the brakes are serviced. Good LuckHow much will this cost ballpark?
You need to tell people what kind of car your drive, silly.How much will this cost ballpark?
could also be a ball joint. Is the shake in the seat, or the steering wheel?

Sounds likea ball joint or something in the suspension. you will also get a shake at low speeds if it was a warped rotor. I would take it to get aligned first your breaks may be fine, sears won't charge you for the alignment if it can't be done which means you can get the inspection of the steering for free, then decide what to do from there.

Best of luck.How much will this cost ballpark?
could be bad calipers and bad rotors/gets a little pricey if its complete rebuild/why alignment are tires wearing funny??do all the brakes/rotate should be included(wheels are off) and the oil service/dont know where you live but i figure whole thing 800How much will this cost ballpark?
it will be better to take it to a mechanic..... they will take a look at your car then tell you how much it will be. im pretty sure it wont be that expensive.How much will this cost ballpark?
You should be able to get all four breaks fixed for $500 to $800 depending on what you need...oil change and alighnment $75 more. I would also recommend that you get ceramic breaks they are just better breaks, will last longer stop better, and won't leave as much dust on your rims and should only cost about $20 more than standard breaks.

What's wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?

I just bought a used 1999 Nissan maxima. It squeals every time I apply the brakes or reverse. It's really loud and annoying. The guy assured me he had just changed the brake pads before he stopped driving it 6 months ago and it was just the %26quot;rotors%26quot; that were a little rusty. He said after driving a while it would be fine. However just earlier I noticed it was making that sound when I drive too, just a little less louder than when I reverse or brake.

Anyone had this before? Is it just the break fluid or those rotors? I'm trying to go service it but the car is vital 2 me. How long will it take to get fixed?What%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
brakes, rotors or axlesWhat%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
Theres dust in the brakes, there's probably no grease on the back pf tje brake pads, or the brakes need bleeding. Rotors might need turned also.What%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
Make sure that the brakes were just changed for yourself. Thats a very important part of a car. Check the rotors to see if they are scored. Also make sure the pads still have life left on them. There is a wear indicator that make a squealing noise from the brakes saying that the pads are low and need changed. It works by a little piece of metal rubbing across the rotor (causing no damage) when brake are applied. If you're not comfortable with checking the brakes yourself, take it to a local brake shop, most of them will check for free. if everything turns out ok, then you can pick up some lube from any auto parts store that will keep your brakes from squealing. What%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
Which is vital 2 you - your car or your life? No brakes could mean your life as you wrap the car around a pole or into another car. Any shop will do that does brakes. Brakes systems are the same in all cars.

A little rusty does not squeal, it just stops faster. No pads(totally worn out metal to metal squeal). it will damage the rotors too. But you have no braking at all.

Brakes are something you do not have intimate sexual relations with. No guesswork. Do it now or lose the car completely because it is a hazard on the road..What%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
There are a lot of things it could be. Brake dust, Metallic brake pads, or pads worn out and the indicator doing its job. Take it to a place that specializes in brakes, diagnosis is usually free.What%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
A couple of things here. the guy that changed the brake pads may or may not have known what the heck he was doing. anyone can change the pads, but did he check the rotors for thickness, scoring, radial run out etc? Did he make sure the calipers were not sticking?

A squealing sound is a high pitched vibration that can be a pain to fix. It could be as simple as he says and be nothing more than rusty rotors that need 100 miles or so to clean them selves. It could also be sloppy repair work. As to how long it will take to fix, I'd drive a while longer and see if it gets any better. One way to see if something is really binding is to drive the car a few miles and then carefully put your hand near the front wheels and see if one wheel feels hotter than the other. The front brakes do like 80% of the stopping, so I'm guessing that's where the squeal is.

Good luck


What%26039;s wrong with my Car? Anyone ever had this problem?
Lets not get to crazy here yet. It could be the cover on the back side of the spindle, so that a good look at the back of your wheel and make sure that the cover isn't bent and causing it to rubbing the inside of the rim. Iv'e seen this happen to many times .

Where is my 2005 Accord EX V6 vibration coming from?

Ok, so for starters this is NOT your typical %26quot;Oh, its a brake problem%26quot; or %26quot;Oh, you need a wheel balance%26quot; vibration - kinda tired of seeing those posts with only those solutions.

My car has several mechanics stumped: Honda dealer, Sears, and another auto shop all can't figure it out.

So, of course we did the obvious least expensive fixes first: balance, alignment, changed tires (twice), and checked rims - they are not bent. Then used a device called %26quot;chassis ears%26quot; which were kind of fun to drive the car with while listening to different parts of the car - but no sound changes when hooked up near the brakes and motor mounts and another part - I forget what it was called %26quot;lower....something%26quot;

Decided to change anyway all the brake pads and rotors and then front axles.

Still, vibration.

Tired and worn out from this. Looked up recalls on 05 Honda Accords and there's several but I don't see how any of them would cause the vibration. There's also no indication of body work from the previous owner (bought from dealer who received the car after a lease was up).

I've heard that automatic transmissions sometimes have these vibrations and the whole thing would need to be changed out if that is the case or it could be the %26quot;harmonic stabilizer%26quot; that's attached to the camshaft. But that hasn't been decided to explore those 2 yet to see if they are the problem. I guess it's a little more expensive to do that.

Oh, and another thing, the vibration comes on stronger with colder outside temperatures (but still is present when it's warm out but less pronounced).

And also, lubing up the metal holders for the brakes (these metal holders clip onto the brakes which clip onto the calipers) helped out too, but only for a half day on a warm day too- so that's why I still thought the brakes might be a problem and changed them out.

Thinking of just trading in for something else, maybe BMW, Lexus, Ford, Mercury or something.

Would I tell the dealer that there's a vibration? Kind of feel I should but....?

Maybe just go back to the original dealer (Herb Chambers) and trade in for one of their cars but I didn't like my auto purchasing experience there with this Honda and don't want to go back to any of them.

Any thoughts on any of this?Where is my 2005 Accord EX V6 vibration coming from?
You need to start with a better description of what the vibration is that you are trying to fix.

1) does the vibration only happen when the car is in motion or do you feel it at stops as well?

2) if only when the car is in motion, at what vehicle speed does the vibration start to come in?

3) at what engine speed does the vibration start to come in?

4) what gear is the transmission in?

5) does the vibration change with vehicle speed, engine speed, or transmission gearing?

6) is the vibration felt on turns, straights, uphills, downhills, or under all conditions at the threshold speed?

7) where do you feel the vibrati0on? In the seats? In the steering wheel? in the accelerator or brake pedal?

8) does the vibration go away when coasting in neutral?

9) is the vibration felt on transmission shifts, or before, or after the transmission shifts? does the intensity change?

10) what is the engine temperature when the vibration occurs? cold, hot or at all temperatures?

11) has the dealer determined the order of the vibration? do they know the resonance of the vibration in Hertz? do they know the amplitude?

12) is there an audible noise with the vibration or is the vibration just felt?

these are only a few of the questions that you need to provide data on before you can expect anyone to narrow down the possibilities. the more information you give the better the chance you have of someone isolating the vibration.

hope that helps.Where is my 2005 Accord EX V6 vibration coming from?
stop going to a dealer first thing most of time of trouble shooting go to a real shop place that works on cars dealership sale cars and only work on new cars where shop repair car every day sorry best bet to find a problem wil be a better shop not a dealershipWhere is my 2005 Accord EX V6 vibration coming from?
It could be a front axle (drive shaft).

I want to upgrade my hidraulic brakes from 6" to 8"?

What do I need to modify? I just want to change the rotors, do I need to change the calipers also? how can I do this?

thanksI want to upgrade my hidraulic brakes from 6%26quot; to 8%26quot;?
If its the front check your fork to see if its post mount like on most new Rock Shox or IS- international standard. Once that is established, buy the Front 203 mm adaptor. Also make sure your fork can handle the larger rotor. Make sure you have the right rotor like Center Lock or standard six bolt for your hub and wheel

Its pretty much the same for the rears too. Just make sure you get the right adapter for the rear. I messed up once by not paying attention to which adaptor and wasted like $30.

One last thing. Different rotors are different thicknesses. I think Magura brakes are thinner then most- I think. I'm not sure how much of a difference it all really makes but I try to buy a rotor from that brake company.

I hope this helped a little.

How much should i pay someone to fix my car?

for my 2001 ford taurus i already bought the parts i need to change the rotor(just one),the brake pads and the right caliper, parts are bought already so i was wondering how much should i pay someone for the labor for someone to do it for me ????How much should i pay someone to fix my car?
Ive been a mechanic since 2001. On the side I would do it for $40. It'll take like 30 - 45 minutes max.How much should i pay someone to fix my car?
50-100$ if you already bought the parts.How much should i pay someone to fix my car?
If you were my friend I would do it for a 12 pack of beer and a little conversation as it only takes about 20 minutes to an hour to do. Depending on how much conversation is going on.

About $50 is a good estimate though.How much should i pay someone to fix my car?
shouldn't take too long 100-150 is about right since in order to change the caliper the brakes must be drainedHow much should i pay someone to fix my car?
no no no no. you do brakes in pairs if you have the money. just like shocks or struts. however if you don't want to do that to put a caliper, rotor and pads's a pack of smokes and a 6 pack. that's what they should be paid. and a shop is typically going to be around 100-150 if they're replacing a caliper.How much should i pay someone to fix my car?
no more than a hundred dollars cause you have all the parts in hand and its about 2 hrs work tops and that's if your slow lolHow much should i pay someone to fix my car?
takes about an hour max .How much should i pay someone to fix my car?
50-100.00 would be about right... it's about an hours worth of workHow much should i pay someone to fix my car?
I can't understand why you'd buy the parts having no idea who's going to install them or what the cost. I used to hate it when people showed up at my shop with BYO parts because if the parts were wrong or defective, my work space would be tied up while I waited for them to straighten it out with the parts vendor. Even when I took the time to pre-check the part numbers myself, I considered it a risk. In most cases, these folks hadn't even bothered to ask for a professional's quote on the work: they just assumed they would be gouged. I felt that I was the one being gouged instead. I stopped taking those jobs and I feel OK about it.
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  • How do I fix my brakes on a 90 Toyota Celica gt-s?

    I have changed the bakes, caliper, rubber hoses and rotors...Bled the brakes but for some reason the front passenger side gets stuck. And there is a nasty smell too. The brake pedal also hardens...But if I step on the brake hard it releases preassure and Im able to drive again. Could it be that I need to replace the master cylinder?How do I fix my brakes on a 90 Toyota Celica gt-s?
    Sounds like a problem with the caliper to me.How do I fix my brakes on a 90 Toyota Celica gt-s?
    The smell could be the parking brake, and the hard pedal I cannot say. I would recommend going to a reliable mechanic and getting that checked out.How do I fix my brakes on a 90 Toyota Celica gt-s?
    It sounds as if the brake system is not releasing hydraulic pressure when you let off of the pedal. You need to check the clearance of the master cylinder push rod. It is difficult to do without a special tool but here is the gist of it. Take off the brake master cylinder. Measure the distance from the bottom of the hole in it where the push rod goes to the surface where it mounts on the brake booster. Measure the distance from the tip of the push rod to surface to the brake booster where the master cylinder goes. These should be the same or maybe the push rod length just a touch less. If the push rod length is greater than the depth of the hole it goes into the master cylinder is not allowed to return keeping the brakes on. If this distance checks out you probably have a problem with the master cylinder. If you install a new master cylinder be sure to check the push rod depth as described above. The depth can be adjusted by holding the splines on the push rod and turning the end in or out.

    Brake problems on Pontiac G6?

    I have a 05 Pontiac G6 GT. I was living in Syracuse, NY (since I bought it in 05 until last fall) and have relocated to Ga. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with their brakes on this car? I was having my rotors turned every oil change, front one time then the rear. They had to replace my rotors before I hit 25,000 mi because they had turned them too much. I have also had my pads replaced (all under warranty). I am STILL having the same problems??? They grab, and just feel rough when I brake. I think it is a caliber problem. The last time I took it in the dealer down here said that my rotors need turned again. They are grooved, but very little, not like before. Anyone got any ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix it? I am now over my 36,000 miles but the dealer said something about a number to call and it will be fixed under warranty?? Any and all help would be appreciated! TIA!Brake problems on Pontiac G6?
    the pistons in the calipers are getting egg shaped as they come out of the caliper and do not retract properly.

    Go to a Nappa store for a rebuild kit. They sell the best and most reliable parts for this kind of repair. I just cant remember what the outfit is but I think its Bendix,,but its a USA outfit.

    Thats the simple answer. The worst case scenarion is the brake line system has been F------p from day one and the dealers were idiots.Brake problems on Pontiac G6?
    talk to mech where you work. they don't have an agenda. good luck. JD