Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chevy Impala Front Brake Replacement?

me and my dad are going to fix our impala, but we dont know how to change the front brakes. can you help please?

also, if you know how to change the rotors, please tell me.

thanks.Chevy Impala Front Brake Replacement?
take off the lid on the master cylinder, use a c-clamp to turn the calipers in, take out 2 long bolts ( probably a T-50 star socket ), pull the caliper off and then the rotor. if it,s a rear wheel drive you have to take the dust cap off the bearing, take off the bearing nut and bearing and off the rotor comes. make sure you clean the new rotors off with brake cleaner before you install them.Chevy Impala Front Brake Replacement?
The rotors don't need to come off to change the disc brake pads.Remove master cylinder cover. remove calipers, remove old pads. Install new pads, open up the space between them using a C clamp and reinstall calipers.